Falling Through Holes

Release Date: 10/24/2011 Tracks: 6 Label: ELEET Music Group

On his debut EP, Falling Through Holes, Jared Lee delivers six devilishly catchy pop rock tunes.

The singer-songwriter tempers his approach with a distinct R&B groove, infusing a danceable charm into cuts like "Hold U Down" and "Out of Breath". He channels Maroon 5 and John Mayer, while emanating a soulfulness all his own that echoes powerfully once his falsetto kicks in. The title track builds from dreamy instrumentation into the biggest hook of the EP. Lee punctuates each note with palpable passion just as the song crescendos out. "What It Beats For" evinces another level of versatility as a bluesy guitar lays the foundation for that one-of-a-kind croon to float forth from.

It's a fresh, fun, and often fiery debut from a new pop voice to watch. You'll have a blast falling and [dancing] with Jared Lee.

Rick Florino, Artist Direct